Spring Break Surf Edit - 2018 by Lance Blades

Spring Break Surf Edit - 2018 by Lance Blades from Lance Blades

So guys, here it is! As I said on Instagram and you could also see in my vimeo bio, I don’t usually use Vimeo, instead I use YouTube. (sorry Vimeo)���..�� Unfortunately due to copyrighted music, not only banned in one or two countries, but WORLDWIDE��� I had to post it here�� Anyway, this edit is of film from the big week of surfing that I’ve been talking about releasing for awhile now on my Instagram.. (Sorry guys, first edit on my new desktop, took a while setting up the way of transferring my videos for content in the future��..�) Some free surfing aside the WSL Barbados Surf Pro brought to you by Barbados Surf Promotions, some of the surfing in the contest itself, and a fun swell at the ‘Bowl’ - SoupBowl. I was gonna drop my special before, but I actually liked this edit and couldn’t wait to drop it for you guys!

Surfers: Gabriel Morvil, Dane Mackie, Cole Houshmand, Che’ Allan, Unknown, Unknown, Bruce Mackie, Daniel Edghill, Jacob Burke, Lance Blades (myself), Unknown, Tomas King, Unknown, Jordan Heaselgrave, Unknown, Unknown (possibly Wesley Dantas), Gatien Delahaye, Stevie Pittman, Jimmy White (SoupBowl legend) and Olivia Warden. (Legend being the only surfer girl to make the clip!

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