CRASHES AND BURNS: A Mavericks Wipeout Reel

For a long time there was a trend in surf film making to slot a wipeout section somewhere around the concluding segment. Unfortunately, the montage of carnage motif once heavily present in surf cinema slowly faded away with the extinction of the VHS full-length template. Of course there are @kookslams and @kook_of_the_day for clips of single spills, but for those who want to sit back and enjoy some of the most committed–yet ill attempted–acts in surfing in the traditional surf flick wipeout reel style, we bring you “Crashes and Burns.” The first episode takes place at Mavericks and features surfers (in no particular order) Grant Twiggy Baker, Kai Lenny, Kyle Thiermann, Manuel Resano, Matt Bromley, Mavericks, Nic Vaughan, Tom Lowe, Joao De Macedo, Darrach Bourke, Scott Bredesen, Garrett McNamara, and Marty Magnusen.

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