Camera Accessory Kit 48 in 1

Camera Accessory Kit 48 in 1

Compatible with: Action Camera,Gopro Hero 1,Gopro Hero 2,Gopro Hero 3,Gopro Hero 3 Plus,Gopro Hero 4,GoPro Hero 4 Plus,GoPro Hero 5 Black,GoPro Hero 5 Session,GoPro Hero Series,SJ4000,SJ5000,SJ6000,SJ7000,Xiaomi Yi

For Activity: Aviation,Bike,Boating,Dive,General Sports,Hunting and Fishing,Kayaking,Motocycle,Rock Climbing,Skate,SkyDiving,Snowboarding,Surfing,Wakeboarding

Package Contents: 1 x Box, 1 x Chest Harness Rack, 1 x Head with a Watch Stand, 1 x Selfie, 1 x Wristband, 1 x Sucker, 1 x Ventilated Helmet Belt, 1 x Bike Stand, 1 x 360 Degree Backpack Clip, 1 x Magic Belt, 1 x Helmet Expansion Accessory, 3 x Move the Base, 12 x Anti-fog Plug-in, 2 x J-hook Hanging Rack, 1 x Plastic Wrench, 1 x Lens Cover, 1 x Long Screw, 1 x Short Screw, 1 x Tripod Adapter, 1 x Long Connecting Arm, 1 x Short Connecting Arm, 5 x Base, 5 x Tape, 1 x Buoyancy Bar, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Safety Buckle

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