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Ross Clarke-Jones vs Nazaré

Aussie big-wave surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones is lucky to be alive, after wiping out while riding a 25-foot monster in Portugal.
Not content with being dragged under the water for nearly half a minute in Nazare, when he surfaced Clarke-Jones found himself amongst a collection of rocks that threatened to knock him unconscious as the huge sea crashed around him.
The rocks meant the 51-year-old was on his own, unable to be saved by the jet-ski riders who are on hand for situations like this.
“I was pulled under the water for about 30 seconds, I came up looking directly at the cave and rocks,” Clarke-Jones said.
“The rip was fast and strong which dragged me straight into the danger zone – where no one can reach you on the jet skis as it’s shallow and covered in rocks.  At this stage they said they couldn’t even see me.
“I took another hit which washed me straight onto the rocks, hitting my side which rolled over the rocks.
“Completely out of breathe, I put myself into a safer area and hid behind a rock. Another set came in which dragged me in and out, exactly like a washing machine.
“As I watched the set coming towards me I waited then scrambled to the cliff to start scaling the 30 metre sheer drop up.”
The whole event was captured by German Alexander Triebel, who says Clarke-Jones had to use all his experience to survive.
“it was Ross against Mother Nature,” Triebel said.
“Ross used the waves to his advantage as when he first was pulled in he was smashed around. Ross then placed himself behind one of the rocks to use as a barrier. 
“After two more sets, Ross used his knowledge of the ocean to boost himself onto the cliff face to scale himself up to safety.”

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