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A different perspective on a favorite spot

Cape Fear, Ours, Pikers Hole, or even just South Sydney Reef, are all nicknames for Sydney's most famous reef break. Today you can see what it looks like when this monster thunders on Sydney's coast.

Ours ...
is one of the most dangerous waves in the world that a human can only surf.
A monstrous slab that breaks with all its might over a super-shallow rock plate, which then builds up to a meter-high rock face not 20 meters.
Only the craziest and best surfers Australia has to offer surf here. Discovered and surfed for the first time, the spot was taken by the Bra Boys, a well-known surfing gang from Sydney.
The guys around pro-surfer Koby Abberton, were known to shy away from any wave. They simply called the surf spot "Ours" to make it clear who the wave should be.

This wave is only for very tough guys anyway, you see in the video above.

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