Nazare - New Year 2018 Giant Swell: Never seen water angle #NazareMoments (01.01.2018)

Video from Sebastian Steudtner
The hype of the new year swell was huge so every Big-Wave Surfer in Nazare skipped the new years party in hope to find liquid bombs the next day. And it payed off! The never seen water-angle in this video will give you a totally different view on how big and scary it really is out there....... Click play and enjoy a new perspective of whats going on when the best Big-Wave Surfers hit the Lineup of Nazare! For more action check Surfers: Ross Clarke-Jones/ Sebastian Steudtner / Jarryd Foster / Lucas Chumbo / Axi Muniain / Jerome Sahyoun / Mick Corbett Shot by: Land: Young-Shoot Prod. Water: Timelapse Media Edit by: Young-Shoot Prod.

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