FIRING SURF! Cornwall Porthleven BIG surf (rough edit) 4K.

Video from biscuitsalive

We scored some amazing waves today here in Cornwall. (Porthleven.) Surf was going off! Overhead barrels and fat wedges everywhere, and the surfers were on form too! This really is what 5 star waves look like. :) Here is a bunch of my shots from today. This edit is too long and scrappy, but I will tighten it up and make a shorter, fully formed edit as soon as I get a chance, but I wanted to share some of these epic waves with you straight away. THIS IS NOT A PROPER EDIT! Shots are simply in order that we filmed them. Music is simply only placeholder audio for now. But I am pretty sure there is a good edit hiding in here somewhere. (Give me a couple of days to find it.) If you enjoy this sloppy version, then hopefully you will like the final edit even more. :)

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