Daniel Schetter takes surfing to a new and chilly level

Photo: Devon Haines

Marquette, Michigan, USA - The arctic freeze that hit the Midwest and Great Lakes over the last few weeks, couldn’t keep a diehard surfer out of the water.

Daniel Schetter, who’s known around Marquette as “Surfer Dan” plunged in to Lake Superior on Christmas Day to catch some waves.

Photographer Devon Hains caught it all in pictures as “Surfer Dan” enjoyed the frigid conditions. Hains says Schetter surfed for about four hours. During that time, he grew an impressive “ice beard.”

Photos: Devon Haines

“Dan was hoping to get another ‘ice beard’ going since it was so cold outside, -25 degrees F with the wind chill factor. Perfect conditions to grow an ice beard. He tries to grow a bigger ice beard each year, this isn’t something new to him,” Hains wrote.

Hains says he snapped the pictures near Presque Isle Park in Marquette. He says most of the area is now frozen after two weeks of negative wind chills.

You can check out more of Devon Hains photos on Facebook and Instagram.

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