Boat capsizes near Mavericks

January 18th 2018 A massive swell at Mavericks.

Several of the surfers that braved the monster swells later posted on social media that today may have be one of the craziest days at Mavericks even without the contest being held. It's foggy, rainy and blustery at Maverick's on Thursday. Even though a start date for the surf contest has not been announced, big waves are crashing and some surfers are out practicing, but not everything went well.

The photographer Frankie Quirarte along with Todd Turner, saved a boat skipper and camera man after their boat capsized on a giant swinger set.  Luckily no one was injured and the  boys safely delivered the crew to other boats that were in the line-up. 

"When a boat overturns, most of the time someone gets stuck underneath the boat or gets bumped in the head by something that is on the boat as it goes over. They were lucky to get away from the boat and not have any of that happen."

Local surfer Ben Andrews was on his board out on the water when it happened. He says, "That particular wave, there was a big set and everybody had to scramble out of the way, and there was nothing they could do."

Other nearby boats pulled the men out of the water. They were wet and cold but refused medical help. The Harbor Patrol is watching the boat to make sure none of the fuel contaminates the water.

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