Bouncing with Brendon Gibbens

Bouncing with Brendon Gibbens from Mike Pagan

"This is Brendon's "I shot for Stab in the Dark for ten days and I'll I got was this lousy Bouncing clip" clip. While in South Africa, he accompanied Dane and us, provided feedback on the boards and along with our dear Damien Fahrenfort served as a local tour guide. He was articulate and decisive and–as can be seen above–was absolutely tearing.

The original plan was to include him in our board test as a special guest of sorts, which based on the footage, his performance and feedback, in theory, could have worked. But upon cutting the film, it didn't fit the way we'd hoped. And as Mr Reynold’s is as critical as anyone could be on a batch of 13 surfboards, Mr Gibbons’ appearance can serve as an indication of the quality of boards we had sculpted for our SITD project.

Aren’t the modern grievances of the professional surfer curious? The rough, busy years they have are what the average desk-jockey dreams of. However, as a freesurfer, to secure your sponsorships, funding and lifestyle, you must surf well while the camera's rolling; which as we saw in Mr Reynold's Chapter 11 can prove stressful. Beeg had a large part in two films in 2016, Vissla’s Dream Steeple and he and Dillon Perillo’s Dill and Beeg Project–which was a year of A-Grade footage that if you haven't watched, we recommend you give it a go. We're fond of the way Brendon operates, and while clips and edits of the man are rare, here's a reminder of how well he surfs." -Stab Magazine

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