Autumnal Reminiscence | Brett Barley 2017 Hurricane Season

Autumnal Reminiscence | Brett Barley 2017 Hurricane Season from Brett Barley

The 2017 Hurricane Season on the East Coast was Historical. It will be remember for both it's destruction, with the millions of people lives who were turned upside down by those Hurricanes; and it's glory, for the weeks on end of pumping surf it provided the coast. Every surfer I know would trade back every day of surf to take back those Hurricanes and the damage they did, but life unfortunately doesn't work that way... So you might as well take the good with the bad.

Before I continue, let me leave a link below for anyone willing to donate to Waves for Water and their Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative.

So here we reminisce on the good of the 2017 Hurricane Season. The lighter side of storms Irma, Jose, Maria, and a low pressure in October. We had 6 weeks of non-stop surf, a week of downtime, another swell, 10 days downtime, then another firing swell that I ended up missing. It was ridiculous how many days of spitting barrels graced the shores of Cape Hatteras, NC from August through October.

Everyone on Hatteras Island was passing up surfing days of decent head high waves, because it had been firing the day before, and was going to fire again the next day. September was a marathon for surfing on the island, and the best run of swell I think I've ever seen at home. Shoot, I left out multiple days of footage from this movie, just because it had already been social media.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy this long play. This season was too special to not dedicate a lengthy video to. From Hurricane Irma lighting up a mysto Left Point in Buxton, that has since washed away, to Hurricane Jose providing days on days of perfect surf, to Hurricane Maria providing some of the most perfect Lighthouse below sea level waves I've surfed in a while, with just the boys out due to an evacuation order.

My gosh... What a season.

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