Globe and Monster present a series of relatively short films about surfing and everything that goes along with it…CULT OF FREEDOM!

THE AUSTRALIA PART features the surfing of Dion Agius, Noa Deane, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Brendon Gibbens, Creed McTaggart, Eric Geiselman, and Jay Davies running up and down the east and west coasts of... You guessed it, Australia.



John John Florence from FiNS

The sport of surfing has more than its fair share of talented young wave riders, but very few prodigies. John John Florence, then 13, has been on the surf world's radar for more than half a decade, and during that time he's proven that nothing is impossible. Florence, who grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii is a permanent fixture at Pipeline, the sport's most treacherous destination. Riding with death-defying aplomb, he continues to do things on a wave that were previously thought impossible for someone of his age. John John is definitely having fun today as he clinches back-to-back World Champion Titles.

Produced by Ira Opper
Directed by Todd Saunders
Written by Brad Melekian


Rust 2.0 Starring Harry Bryant

An all-Aussie adventure featuring deadly snakes, psychedelic berries and the wizardry of
Rusty team rider Harry Bryant.

Words via STAB

So Haz, tell us about Rust 2.0, where was it shot and what were you chasing?
I got a Toyota Landcruiser, like a couple of months ago and I was so pumped to drive it, I pretty much did a lap of Australia. You just see so much more things driving. It just makes it so much more satisfying getting to waves when you’ve driven there, and it’s so good having your car there with all your stuff in it there with you. I just really like the novelty of driving.
We’ve probably been shooting for it over the last three months. But most of the footage was pretty much shot over a week around home. We just had a really good run of waves. Dion came down, I pretty much surfed with him for a week straight and had a really productive week of waves. Then did a trip down to South Australia with Craig and pretty much surfed all the way there and back. It’s pretty much two trips that kind of spaced out over a longer period of time.

What were the highlights? Where’d you get the best waves?
All the trips that I’ve done for this part were really fun. Just driving everywhere sleeping in swags and camping everywhere and having heaps of funny stories along the way. Best part’s been around home though, for sure. I moved to the South Coast around January and pretty much ever since I've been packing the car in the morning and having super productive days then coming back home.

So tell us about some of these wild adventures, what happened?
A few funny things happened. We were camping in the desert and one afternoon there was a tree with all these berries where we were camping and we ate some of them. All of us had this crazy experience. We had this hallucinogenic afternoon, we went fishing, there was this crazy sunset, we ate these berries and we were just wigging out all afternoon. Then we woke up the next morning and were like ‘that was wild’. I don’t know what these berries were but they sent us crazy. Craig found this tree and was like ‘I’ve seen these berries before I reckon we can eat them’ he’s watched some doco on them. Me, Craig Dave, Dion and Spon were all stuck in this realm, for like 6 hours it was sick.
Dave set his swag up and he reckons he had something wriggling under his back the whole time and we were there for like five nights or something. When Dav packed his swag up there was a death adder, underneath. It had made a nest under him and it was this warm little snake, just snuggled up to him the whole time. It was so funny cos he felt it every night – he'd been sleeping on a snake for like five nights but he never did anything about it.

Was it alive?
Yeah it was alive. I think it liked the warmth of big Dav. So it just posted up there the whole time. Some of the places in Australia are so outrageous. Driving through towns that you can’t believe people live there, and there’s so much open space that I feel like other countries don’t have. Swear one part of the drive was seven hours and there was nothing in sight, just raw landscape and desert. You just don’t get that in America or the rest of the world. I just love driving around and learning more about Australia and seeing everything that it has, it just blows me away. Especially travelling around so much, like when I was younger going to different countries. But as soon as soon as I got my license and I got my car, I just drove everywhere and the best surf trips I’ve had have been in Australia. I honestly wouldn’t care if the only surf trips I did for the rest of my life were in Australia. There’s just so much vibe and so much good shit happens, it’s fun as.
One afternoon we stopped into this pub just to have something to eat and it was this chick’s 40th. We all walked into this pub and this chick’s just smashing a Bundy Rum and it’s dripping all through her chin and she’s like ‘where are you guys from?’ and we’re like ‘oh we’re from the east coast and she goes ‘well, don’t act like you’re local! I don’t see you pricks around here, don’t think that you can push in front of anyone at the bar mate!’ She had these yellow teeth, just full maggot on Bundy Rum. You see the craziest things. You think ‘wow, this is so raw’.

Any sketchy situations?
We came really close to running out of petrol one night. You just feel like you’re on your own out there, with no reception and if something were to really go wrong you’d just go into complete survival mode, where as if you fly into places, or in a built up area or town you can get help but when there’s just nothing there, when you’re driving away you’re thinking ‘we could’ve been really stitched up there’. You really need to know survival shit. You feel so good driving home after.


My Backyard EP.04- Pier Dayz

My Backyard EP.04- Pier Dayz from Scrambled Eggs Entertainment

"My Backyard" is an ongoing web series highlighting Matt McCabe at home in Ventura.

Episode 4 "Pier Dayz"

Produced By: Scrambled Eggs Entertainment
Filmed, Directed and Edited By: Justin Mehren
Additional Footage: Chris Papaleo and Josh Gobbel
Music: Black Sabath - Hand of Doom
Illustrations: Kyle Thomas
Special Thanks: Volcom, Xcel, Roberts Surfboards, Mantis United, Panasonic, Aquatech, Family and Friends


‘Listen Now, Misty Dawn’

'Listen Now, Misty Dawn' from epokhe

‘Listen Now, Misty Dawn’

The new EPOKHE surf film by Kai Neville.

Available for free download December 1st via

Starring Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow & Shaun Manners.

A conceptual portrait following the EPOKHE surf team. The film blends parts & location based jaunts through Australia & Indonesia. Through the film we officially introduce to the family Chippa Wilson, Shaun Manners & Taj Burrow. Download now!


Autumnal Reminiscence | Brett Barley 2017 Hurricane Season

Autumnal Reminiscence | Brett Barley 2017 Hurricane Season from Brett Barley

The 2017 Hurricane Season on the East Coast was Historical. It will be remember for both it's destruction, with the millions of people lives who were turned upside down by those Hurricanes; and it's glory, for the weeks on end of pumping surf it provided the coast. Every surfer I know would trade back every day of surf to take back those Hurricanes and the damage they did, but life unfortunately doesn't work that way... So you might as well take the good with the bad.

Before I continue, let me leave a link below for anyone willing to donate to Waves for Water and their Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative.

So here we reminisce on the good of the 2017 Hurricane Season. The lighter side of storms Irma, Jose, Maria, and a low pressure in October. We had 6 weeks of non-stop surf, a week of downtime, another swell, 10 days downtime, then another firing swell that I ended up missing. It was ridiculous how many days of spitting barrels graced the shores of Cape Hatteras, NC from August through October.

Everyone on Hatteras Island was passing up surfing days of decent head high waves, because it had been firing the day before, and was going to fire again the next day. September was a marathon for surfing on the island, and the best run of swell I think I've ever seen at home. Shoot, I left out multiple days of footage from this movie, just because it had already been social media.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy this long play. This season was too special to not dedicate a lengthy video to. From Hurricane Irma lighting up a mysto Left Point in Buxton, that has since washed away, to Hurricane Jose providing days on days of perfect surf, to Hurricane Maria providing some of the most perfect Lighthouse below sea level waves I've surfed in a while, with just the boys out due to an evacuation order.

My gosh... What a season.


“This is Tomás”

"This is Tomás" from tomasvalente

“This is Tomas” will, hopefully, show you in a funny, yet real perspective, the genuine Tomás Valente, another excellent surfer from Portugal. Tomás, aka “Denti”, is not the kind of person that will act one way with you and some other way with other people or in the raving social media. So, no matter where his career was as a professional surfer was, he was always true to himself. And if you get to know him one day, you’ll find that all this means… weird pelvic movements. Awkward right? So, watch “This is Tomás”, produced by White Flag Productions, so you know what we mean by this and in the end you will not need to know Tomás in person to see how he truly is around people.

Thanks for everyone that helped shooting, editing, doing the voice and the soundtrack. A surf movie done by surfers to real surfers.

Pedro Santos Ribeiro, Nuno Miguel, Joao Kopke, Brad Flora, Tomás Loureiro, Jorge Matreno.

Edit: White Flag Productions

Music: Surf.Skate.Riot by Wasted Riot


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Ocean Warrior Course

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Coast Guard rescues injured surfer stranded on rocks

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued an injured surfer who was stranded on rocks near Agate Beach in Newport on Wednesday morning.

Lincoln County dispatchers relayed a distress call to watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector North Bend at 10:15 a.m.

Two surfers were reportedly on the rocks and one had sustained a head wound.

An aircrew on an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter hoisted up the injured surfer, who was transferred to the hospital and treated for his head wound and exhaustion.

Investigators said the surfer got separated from his board and swam to nearby rocks where he was hit by a wave that caused him to hit his head. Another surfer helped him until rescue crews arrived.

The sea conditions included 2-foot swells with water temperatures at 50 degrees.

Crews from Lincoln County Fire and Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay also responded to the scene.

Photo: US Coast Guard


The First Light - Concha Balsemão - Surfer

The First Light - Concha Balsemão - Surfer from Concha Balsemão

The Ocean is my Playground

My name is Concha Balsemão, I´m 15 years old surfer from Carrapateira , Algarve, Portugal.
Surf always made part of my life, I live by the sea on the West Coast at the natural park area.
I´ve been surfing all over Portugal best spots , competing and sometimes I go with my family around the world, searching for new waves. I always love to come back to my magic playground surrounded by wild nature.

I felt blessed for watching the sunrise, while I ́m surfing before the school starts, in the morning!
After an early session with good waves and magic sunrise, I start schooldays with lots of energy and happiness!

I´m sharing my first video,- The First Light - you can have a look!
My dream is to be a professional surfer.


Bouncing with Brendon Gibbens

Bouncing with Brendon Gibbens from Mike Pagan

"This is Brendon's "I shot for Stab in the Dark for ten days and I'll I got was this lousy Bouncing clip" clip. While in South Africa, he accompanied Dane and us, provided feedback on the boards and along with our dear Damien Fahrenfort served as a local tour guide. He was articulate and decisive and–as can be seen above–was absolutely tearing.

The original plan was to include him in our board test as a special guest of sorts, which based on the footage, his performance and feedback, in theory, could have worked. But upon cutting the film, it didn't fit the way we'd hoped. And as Mr Reynold’s is as critical as anyone could be on a batch of 13 surfboards, Mr Gibbons’ appearance can serve as an indication of the quality of boards we had sculpted for our SITD project.

Aren’t the modern grievances of the professional surfer curious? The rough, busy years they have are what the average desk-jockey dreams of. However, as a freesurfer, to secure your sponsorships, funding and lifestyle, you must surf well while the camera's rolling; which as we saw in Mr Reynold's Chapter 11 can prove stressful. Beeg had a large part in two films in 2016, Vissla’s Dream Steeple and he and Dillon Perillo’s Dill and Beeg Project–which was a year of A-Grade footage that if you haven't watched, we recommend you give it a go. We're fond of the way Brendon operates, and while clips and edits of the man are rare, here's a reminder of how well he surfs." -Stab Magazine



NEW WAVE IS HERE! Follow the girls who are making waves on the California coast and jam out
to 'Born Again Teen' by Lucius.

'New Wave' is a throwback collection to the early days of surfing. Billabong has been deeply rooted in surf
culture from the very beginning. The new wave campaign is a modern spin on a iconic time that mixes
together product and brand heritage.

Athletes: Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, Felicity Palmateer and Josie Prendergast
Appearances by: Mark Occhilupo, Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Griffin Colapinto.
Music: 'Born Again Teen' by Lucius


Opening of the (carribean surfing) season

Opening of the (carribean surfing) season from Nautimages -
Surfing session in Martinique island - Tartane - Anse Charpentier
Riders: Philippe Claverie ( - Pierre Mouraï (longboard) - Gabriel Delcampo (bodyboard)
Music: French Montana - "Unforgettable"


Huna - Hula Painting in Extreme Tides

Street Artist Hula (Sean Yoro) painting in Saint John, New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy using the dramatic 28ft tide changes.

Self-taught artist Sean Yoro, broke into the street art world in 2015, when the release of his unique water murals became widely publicized. Growing up on the eastside of Oahu, Sean spent most of his time surfing, until his late teens when he discovered his passion for graffiti and tattooing. Working under the alias ‘Hula’ he moved to New York to pursue his career. Influenced by his love of the ocean, Hula took to the water to create semi-submerged murals, while balancing on his stand up paddleboard. Hula strives to bring life to empty spaces, usually working on shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls. Merging his backgrounds in both street and fine art, Hula works entirely with oil paint and uses traditional techniques to create soft, female figures interacting with the surface of the water. Hula’s work often leaves you feeling an array of emotions while proposing an environmental discussion. His work can be found on public walls and in galleries worldwide. He has caught the attention of major publications and media outlets such as CNN, The Huffington Post, Hypebeast, The Guardian, Juxtapoz Magazine, Daily Mail and Hi-Fructose Magazine. All paints, mediums, and materials used for each project are completely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, made with alkali-refined linseed oil or safflower oil and natural pigments. Not only are these vegetable oils completely non-toxic. - More info at All materials and paint are 100% non-toxic - Music Credit: Kisnou - Falling Deeper @giuse_kisnou Sound Cloud


2 suspects arrested in connection with brutal murder on North Shore

This was the video that caused a wave of revolt in social networks.

According to HawaiiNewsNow Two people have been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of a 51-year-old woman at a North Shore home on Thursday afternoon.

The suspects, a man and a woman, were arrested about 8:30 p.m. Thursday near the Mililani Walmart, where the victim's vehicle was also found.

As they were hauled into police cruisers and driven away, more than 60 onlookers shouted angrily at the two — in a scene that underscored how shocked and disturbed the crime had left many in the community.

"Good job, cops!" one onlooker yelled, while others shouted obscenities at the two.

The man who was arrested was also seen in video posted on social media yelling back at bystanders as he was wrestled into a cruiser by officers.

Officials said the female suspect was arrested for car theft, while the man was taken into custody for a warrant and criminal property damage after he kicked out the window of a police vehicle.

The murder victim, identified by family as Thelma Boinville, was killed in a rental home on Ke Iki Road that she had been cleaning, sources said.

Police were called to the scene about 3 p.m., and an all points bulletin went out for the suspects shortly afterwards.

The victim was at the home with her juvenile daughter, who was found tied up but was otherwise uninjured.

"They tied up my daughter and they beat my wife to death with a baseball bat," said the victim's husband, Kevin Emery. "They won't even let me in the house because it's so bad."

After the beating death, the two suspects allegedly stole the victim's gold Toyota Tacoma, which was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Mililani Walmart with no visible damage to its exterior.

Earlier in the evening, the victim's family said they believed they knew who the suspects were, and they pleaded on social media and on camera for help finding them.

"Help me find this guy. Pray for my family. Pray for my twin brother Kevin Emery, and his little keiki," said the victim's brother-in-law, Brian Emery. "Maybe you're a friend of this individual, but do what's right for this local braddah, for this family. Let me know, or let the cops know, where he's hiding."

HPD, meanwhile, said they were still investigating and urged calm.

"Social media is running a bit rampant right now. I can tell you we have no probable cause. We have no suspects identified as of right now," Honolulu Police Department Deputy Chief John McCarthy said.

Sources told Hawaii News Now that the victim was found by people who were supposed to be staying in the home.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL


Chasing Palmtrees

Chasing Palmtrees from Tristan Guilbaud

A road trip between friends through Mexico, from Sayulita to Zihuatanejo with Tristan Guilbaud & Tessa Thyssen behind the lense of Heiko Bothe.

Filmed by : Heiko Bothe
Edited by : Tristan Guilbaud
Aerial footages : Heiko Bothe

Music : Latina Air by Hayro & Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd

More from that trip on instagram




This is a collection of clips from a few of the best sessions at Pipeline last winter (2016/2017)

FILM | EDIT - WWW.KALENFOLEY.COM | Instagram @kalenfoley_photography



The Most Watched

Video Of The Week

Perfect 10 on the tour 2017 #Wsl

Surfers: John John Florences - Corona Open J-Bay Filipe Toledo - Corona Open J-Bay Italo Ferreiras - Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Fili...


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