Thoroughly Sampled: The 2017 Surfing Life Board Test

Thoroughly Sampled: The 2017 Surfing Life Board Test from Dave Read

We ordered a modern single fin, a summer twin, an all-rounder, a high-tech shredder, a quad, something asymmetrical and something hi-fi but just a little wild.

Shapers from every corner of the country, each with a specific expertise, were corralled for the build.

We shipped ‘em all to the newest resort in the Telo Islands off Sumatra – Pinnacles on Telo – off Sumatra there and flew in Gold Coast surf kid with the world at his feet, Sheldon Simkus, to grind ‘em into the dust.

Footage shot by: Blake Wilton
Music: Gabo & Orchestre Poly Rhythmo

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