Surfing The Maldives With Josie & Flick

“The Maldives has some of the most perfect, playful waves in the world. The water is also as clear as you will find anywhere, which makes it even more special. I was up before the sunrise on day 1 and could barely believe what I saw - non-stop waves, not a single other surfer in the line-up and absolute perfection. I surfed until I could barely paddle anymore.

Having a session like that is pretty rare these days; it's the kind of experience that stays with you for a long time.”- Flick Palmateer

“This was my second trip to the Maldives and it was even more beautiful than I remembered! Hudhuran Fushi was such a nice place to stay and everyone who worked there was so friendly and welcoming. It was really amazing to see the friends I had made on a previous trip still there and even better that I could hang again with them! especially Hoobs! Our days were spent in the sun, surfing, boat riding, hanging and eating the yummy curries! My favourite dish was Mas Huni! It’s a mixture of tuna, onion, chilli and grated coconut! So good! This year, the waves were as perfect as it gets, long left handers with very few people out. It was a dream. The first few days were much bigger, and so watching Flick surf on her short board was incredible! Throughout the week we continued to surf at Lohis which was on Hudhuran Fushi, Ninjas and Chickens. Ninjas was my favourite wave as it was more mellow of the three I surfed, it was perfect for longboarding and single fins!”- Josie Prendergast

                                       Josie Prendergast                                                                 Flick Palmateer

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