Jungle from Morgan Maassen

An unintentional surf film... sort of.

I created this film to explore long-form editing, give a home to so many projects/trips/travel that needed some context, and as a tip of the hat to my passion, surfing.

Direct/film/edit: Morgan Maassen

starring: Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Noa Deane, Sterling Spencer, Dillon Perillo, Rob Machado, Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, Bella Nicols, Nat Young, Andrew Doheny, Dane Reynolds, and Stephanie Gilmore.

Additional footage (Stephanie in Mexico) by Andrew Schoener

Rostam Batmanglij - "Doc's Song"
Broadcast - "Lunch Hour Pops"
Los Monstruos - "Hey Monstruo"
DJ Shadow - "Six Days" instrumental
East Village Radio - Mystery Song
Domenique Dumont - "La Bass et Les Shakers"

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