Equilibrium - A short film about Andy Criere

Equilibrium - A short film about Andy Criere from ION

Focused on the figure of Andy Criere, Equilibrium is a piece of documentary where his personality and his unique vision of surfing are the protagonists. Divided into three parts representing the colors, Blue, Red and Green, Andy tells what this way of life means to him. Surfing is not something additional, it's something essential, a portion of his life that without it, it would be impossible to understand him.

Against the background of the island of Lanzarote, Andy's passion for colors and nature are recorded by director Adrian Rodd. Originally from that island, Adrian brings fascination and respect for her in a genuine way and contributes all his virtues in all stages of the creation process: Direction, recording, music production and graphic design.

Filmed by: Adrian Rodd

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