The Gudauskas Brothers collecting Over 650 Donated Surfboards

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!! What a special day to see all the donations for @wavesforchange and @surfersnotstreetchildren donated by the entire coastline of California. So much generosity and stoke, proud to see that we could get it all into the endZone and into a container headed straight to South Africa!! Over 650 surfboards donated, hundreds of wetsuits, leashes, fins, boogie boards and pretty much all walks of surfing equipment. Have to say a massive thanks to the crew that held it down on the frontline of from collecting, packing, donating, delivering, and seeing it to the final yard today! I know it’ll be hard to tag everyone, but if you had a hand in the journey we thank you sincerely!!!!! LOVE TO AFRICA!!! ✊️🌎❤️ #cantstealourvibe #keepthevibealive #passthepositivity #gromsforlife @hanaleireponty @tannergud @danedamus @frankiebdandrea @jwdowell @kubdowell @imuurmewerealltogether @donaldbrink @hydroflask @vans @vanssurf @surfride @prooflab @jackssurfboards @jimmicane @mylesmess @wsl @jordysmith88 @koloheandino22 @mikeyfebruary @noahohenester @blake.stern
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The Gudauskas Brothers collecting Over 650 Donated Surfboards for Kids in South Africa.

Well done brothers!

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