Kite Surfer Nearly Becomes Lunch For A Massive Great White Shark

Isabelle Fabre was kite-surfing in Western Australia when, all of a sudden, something very large started following her around. That thing turned out being a great white, and the footage—which was caught by a drone—is terrifying.

Thankfully, Isabelle wasn't harmed at all, but this is a reminder that entering the ocean at all—even from above as a kite surfer—is risky business.

Grateful she came out unscathed, Fabre shared her thoughts in a series of Facebook posts, recounting the terrifying experience in one of them.

"You know, these hostile sessions, where we are alone in the world in a heavenly place, with a wind a bit messed up."

"Anyway I'm put in the water, Cyril were videoing me with the drone and, soon, I see this huge black mass. At the beginning I tell myself it's the shadow of my kite.. you know, the usual joke.. but ah no, she is my shadow.. after that, I think it's still a sudden freaking out the Dolphin: you know, these dolphins who have the habit of getting out the fin right in front of you and make you buzz the heart attack."

"But still, this shadow, she circling me, and she's bigger than my board."

"Just when she passes me below I realize it's a great white shark.. I'm doing half tour but the wind is super light.. my butt fall regularly in the water and every time I think it Is the end."

"I hear Cyril yelling in the distance " Shark!!! ISA! Barre you!"

"What else can I say... I'm coming to the beach flicker, I saw my life parade every time that I spun around and landed in the water. Anyway I've wrinkled a great white."
Following the near-death experience, something tells us that Isabelle Fabre is just wild enough that she won't be scared getting back in the water—but here's to hoping she doesn't have more close encounters like this one.

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