Jérémy Florès loses a judgment against Sea Shepherd

The court had not given him the reason. The surfer Jeremy Flores was dismissed on Monday by the court of Dax, in the Landes, on his complaint of defamation against the activist canadian ecologist Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd association France for the statements relating to shark attacks to The Meeting.

The professional surfer of the Meeting, who lives part of the year on the south coast of the Landes, has also been ordered to pay 1000 euros compensation to the association for the protection of the oceans.

The shark attacks at the heart of debates
In February, after a new fatal attack by sharks, Jeremy Flores had paid tribute to the young bodyboarder died, on his account Instagram. A comment relayed by the icon of the surf to the 11 world titles, Kelly Slater, who had added that it was now necessary “to implement serious catch” of sharks on the island, as advocated long ago by the surfer French.
But shortly after, the champion american was ravisé in a letter sent to Paul Watson, in which it considered that ” to kill anything in the hope of a solution was not in line with the (s) philosophy of life “.
In a long editorial entitled “Kelly Slater is not an enemy of the sharks,” Paul Watson wrote that ” the cause of these frequent attacks is the fishing industry itself, so Flores and the French government are complicit in the circumstances that have seen 20 attacks since 2011, including 8 fatal “. This sentence, among others, has led to the procedure in defamation considered on 11 September by the court of Dax.

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