13-year-old surfer helps rescue man after boat capsizes

Drone video from Kevin Cadby captured a 13-year-old boy making a daring rescue Friday afternoon after a boat capsized off the coast of the Jupiter Inlet.

A drone captured video of a boat capsizing in Jupiter Inlet, Florida, and a daring rescue in the rough water by a nearby 13-year-old surfer.

The drone pilot, Kevin Cadby, was flying his drone at Jupiter Inlet to capture video of the water and the boats, as he occasionally does. He saw the boat coming in from far out and decided to follow the boat with his drone, he said.

“The wind was blowing in at 20+ miles per hour, that inlet can be treacherous,” Cadby said.

As the drone flew over, video shows a wave coming from behind the boat, toppling it, and a man in a red shirt trying to swim to safety and stay afloat.

The man swam to a group of rocks and a 13-year-old surfer, Sam Ruskin, swam over to him and offered him his surfboard, which the boater used to get back to land.

“My first concern was to make sure nobody else was on the boat,” Cadby said, and he continued to follow the boat and look for other people using his drone.

Ruskin, a middle school student, told WPEC everything happened so fast, but he paddled out to the man immediately when he saw what happened. “Just speaks about his character,” Ruskin’s father told WPEC.


Nazare beast mode

Video from Ura Films

Two days (21 & 22 October) Opening season of Nazare. The biggest wave of the world with the best big
wave riders. Axi Muniain, Francisco Porcella, Rafael Tapia, Maya Gabeira, Ross Clarke-Jones, Carlos
Burle, Rodrigo Koxa, Marcos Monteiro and Lucas Chumbo.


Missing Bikini Bottoms and SUPsquatch | Who is JOB 7.0 S6E6

Good looking boards, good looking shirts, good looking dudes! What happens when Poopie’s 'outfit' goes missing? And most people don’t think of surfing as a team sport but it is when it’s SUPsquatch time with Jamie O’Brien!

Jamie O'Brien lives the dream. A champion pro surfer from the North Shore of Hawaii, he travels the world with a crew of friends that are down for whatever in a show that captures the craziness of his every day life. Who is JOB? Watch and find out.


Dungeons & Sunsets

Cape Town, (South Africa) is home to a number of world-class big wave surfing breaks, the two most epic waves are Sunset reef and Dungeons.

Jacques Theron
Mike Schlebach
Jeremy Johnson
James Lowe
Juria Muller
Andrew Marr and more.

Tracks used:
Warpaint - Elephants
Christian Tiger School - The soul of Morpheus and the Comet man


A Week Up West

Video from Deus Ex Machina

Deus Bali is proud to present The Temple Rat's latest creation - A Week Up West.

Noosa longboarder Harrison Roach keeps falling asleep while surfing. So
he travels with his shaper Thomas Bexon to a faraway island to try to build a board
that will cure his sleep surfing syndrome. But that’s just the beginning of their

Harrison Roach, Thomas Bexon, Husni Ridhwan

Andre Cricket & Andy Gough

The Temple Rats

Dustin Humphrey

Tom Hawkins, Harry Mark, Giang Alam Wardani

Black Rabbit George, Tijuana Cartel & Sons of the East



* JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE * Amazing Video Footage  With 60-100FT Monster Waves

Music byBlacktop Mojo - Open Road
MontageRock NoncopyrightRock

Compilation of the world's biggest waves ever surfed! World record waves around 100ft (30m) rogue waves, largest waves world record Biggest wave in the world Large wave, swell storm tsunami, code, red, jaws, teahupoo

Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing. Challenging deadly waves in harsh weather and ocean conditions takes a very serious approach.
Big wave surfers are not interested in performance. Forget perfect cutbacks, stunning floaters or breathless aerial antics. The profile of a big wave rider is the result of several unparalleled personal characteristics.

Fear is always present in a 50-foot wave. Fear is the best way of managing the risk of paddling for a huge wave face, which doesn't tell you what is going to happen and how it is going to break.

Laird Hamilton is the first professional big wave surfer. The waterman from Maui defies fast, hollow and high waves with a full-time training and previous preparation. Hamilton, the father of tow-in surfing, takes on the entire big wave spots of the Hawaiian Islands, in helicopter style.

Garrett McNamara is one of the toughest big wave challengers. After riding a spectacular 78-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, the Hawaiian waterman entered the Guinness World Records with the biggest wave ever surfed.

The 55 best big wave surfers of all time is an exclusive extreme surfing club. From Jaws to Mavericks, Puerto Escondido, Punta Lobos, Ghost Trees, Belharra, Shipstern Bluff and Todos Santos, these riders have set up a new scale in the definition of giant waves.

Carlos Alberto Burle Filho ( Recife , 9 of November of 1967 ) is a surfer Brazilian , the most renowned of the country today. You can go back to the Guinness Book with the biggest wave surfing on the planet beating the 30m mark of American Garrett McNamara in Nazaré, Portugal.

World Champion in Giant Waves, Burle caught the eye of the world in November 2001 in Mavericks , Calif. , When he surfed the biggest wave ever recorded so far, at 68 feet (22 meters). But this feat was only possible thanks to Tow-in , a mode introduced to surfing. For this, Burle had the experience of another big rider (giant wave surfer) to tow him, also the Pernambuco Eraldo Gueiros.

Kai Lenny is a big wave surfer, stand-up paddle surfer and racer, surfer, tow-in surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer and celebrity watersports enthusiast. Lenny lives in Maui

Robert Staunton Naish (born April 23, 1963 in La Jolla, San Diego, California) is one of the first athletes to have gained long-lasting international fame in the sport of windsurfing. At a young age, his father, competitive surfer and surfboard shaper Rick Naish, moved the family from California to Kailua, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It was there, at the age of 11, that Robby took up the fledgling new sport of windsurfing.

As an international sports celebrity, Naish has been featured in numerous films, videos, news reports, and articles. As of 2006, thirty years after his first World Champion title, popular lines of sailboards, sails, and kitesurfing equipment are marketed worldwide under the Naish name.

Al Mennie
Anthony Tashnick
Ben Wilkinson
Bob Pike
Brock Little
Buzzy Trent
Carlos Burle
Chris Bertish
Danilo Couto
Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko
Dave Kalama
Dave Wassel
Garrett McNamara
George Downing
Brad Gerlach
Gerry Lopez
Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Greg Noll
Ian Walsh
Jamie Sterling
jason polakow
Jay Moriarty
Jeff Clark
Jeff Rowley
Jose Angel
João de Macedo
Kai Lenny
Koby Abberton
Kohl Christensen
Laird Hamilton
Mark Foo
Mark Healey
Mark Mathews
Mike Parsons
Nathan Fletcher
Ramon Navarro
Robby Naish
Richie Fitzgerald
Ross Clarke-Jones
Sebastian Steudtner
Shane Dorian
Sion Milosky
Zach Wormhoudt $$$ huhi tsm windsurfing skt



The Big Wave Project is a masterful, award-winning documentary on the art of big wave riding from veteran Australian surf filmmaker Tim Bonython. For five years, Tim followed a tight-knit crew of the world’s best big wave surfers as they each attempted a personal goal – to ride the world’s biggest wave.

Tim is allowed into the inner sanction of this ‘band of brothers’ as they vividly, and humbly, describe their motivations and fears, and display death-defying feats at the prime big wave locations around the world.

As Tim followed the core crew - featured surfers include Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold, Mark Healey, Ryan Hipwood, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker and Billy Kemper - he realised they worked as a team and all had each other’s back. And Tim is there with his cameras when they are taken to the edge.

The narrative also includes the history of big wave surfing and how it developed from humble origins to modern tow-in and paddle surfing, with insights from aficionados Jamie Mitchell, Peter Mel and the legendary, late Brock Little.

After a sell-out Australian cinema tour this year, and a Best Action Documentary award at the Maui Film Festival, The Big Wave Project is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Big Wave Project is a 98-minute narrative that will scare viewers as much as it will exhilarate. “The danger level increases as we attempt to climb a mountain of water where the peak keeps getting higher,” says Alex Gray, one of the film’s participants.

The progression of the skill level of the big wave proponents coincides with the best swell season in 30 years as they paddle and tow into some of the greatest rides ever documented. This includes what has been called ‘the biggest wave ever attempted’ featuring Aaron Gold’s massive paddle-in wave at Pe’ahi (Jaws), in Hawaii.

Other locations include Nazaré (Portugal) - the home of the biggest rideable wave, The Right, Shipsterns and Pedra Branca (Australia), Cloudbreak (Fiji) and Teahupo’o (Tahiti).

To capture these breaks in their almost supernatural magnificence, for Tim it’s a labour of love pouring over weather maps as the ‘perfect storms’ manifest and then pinpointing where he needs to be in the world. The gigantic wave images by themselves are incredible, let alone seeing humans pit themselves against the immense power and majesty of the ocean.

Surfing legend Simon Anderson, inventor of the Thruster, said: “The Big Wave Project didn’t disappoint. The reaction of the people at the premiere screening said it all. I’ve never heard so many ohs and ahs in a cinema. A great insight to the inner sanctum of just about every big wave charger and big wave destination from around the globe. 5 Stars Tim.”

Leading Australian violinist, composer and conductor, Richard Tognetti, said: “Tim, your film is wonderful. Great structure, and the theme of death is really powerful.”

The Big Wave Project is directed by Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) award-winning cinematographer and multi-award winning surf film producer, Tim Bonython, who has four decades of experience in filming and documenting surfing.

For further information, please contact:
Sandrine Bonython


Kite Surfer Nearly Becomes Lunch For A Massive Great White Shark

Isabelle Fabre was kite-surfing in Western Australia when, all of a sudden, something very large started following her around. That thing turned out being a great white, and the footage—which was caught by a drone—is terrifying.

Thankfully, Isabelle wasn't harmed at all, but this is a reminder that entering the ocean at all—even from above as a kite surfer—is risky business.

Grateful she came out unscathed, Fabre shared her thoughts in a series of Facebook posts, recounting the terrifying experience in one of them.

"You know, these hostile sessions, where we are alone in the world in a heavenly place, with a wind a bit messed up."

"Anyway I'm put in the water, Cyril were videoing me with the drone and, soon, I see this huge black mass. At the beginning I tell myself it's the shadow of my kite.. you know, the usual joke.. but ah no, she is my shadow.. after that, I think it's still a sudden freaking out the Dolphin: you know, these dolphins who have the habit of getting out the fin right in front of you and make you buzz the heart attack."

"But still, this shadow, she circling me, and she's bigger than my board."

"Just when she passes me below I realize it's a great white shark.. I'm doing half tour but the wind is super light.. my butt fall regularly in the water and every time I think it Is the end."

"I hear Cyril yelling in the distance " Shark!!! ISA! Barre you!"

"What else can I say... I'm coming to the beach flicker, I saw my life parade every time that I spun around and landed in the water. Anyway I've wrinkled a great white."
Following the near-death experience, something tells us that Isabelle Fabre is just wild enough that she won't be scared getting back in the water—but here's to hoping she doesn't have more close encounters like this one.


Indo 2017

Video from Kyle Buthman

It seemed as if every other day we were repacking our bags and heading out on another adventure weather it be by boat, plane or car. We covered a lot of ground for spending just 30 days in Indonesia this year. 5 days was the longest we ever stayed in one place to be exact. Because of that we met plenty of cool people and saw a ton of beautiful places. Here are a few of the sessions that one of us sat out to Document. Surfers: Kyle Buthman, Tessa Timmons, Noi Kaulukukui, Kala Buthman


FREEDOM PHILIPPINES ( Andy Criere & Marlon Lipke )

FREEDOM PHILIPPINES ( Andy Criere & Marlon Lipke ) from German Pinelo

Andy Criere y Marlon Lipke surfeando en un spot poco frecuentado de la isla de Siargao, en Fiilipinas.
En un reciente viaje a Filipinas tuve la suerte de tener un encuentro casual con Andy Criere y Marlon Lipke, que estaban por allí con motivo de la prueba WQS de Cloud Nine. Con ellos compartí unos ratitos de surfing en un spot poco frecuentado de la espectacular isla de Siargao, en Fiilipinas.

Imágenes y edición: German Pinelo
Musica: Iseo & Dodosound - Freedom feat. Ras Telford


Amazing work by Jess Lambert

Video from Jess Lambert

Introducing Jess Lambert, the 24 year old artist from NSW in Australia.

Inspired by her coastal surroundings, Jess (better known as Halcyon lines in the creative world) has been creating these incredible, intricate and detailed pieces with just fine black pens on surfboards...



A usable surfboard, apparently.

Taylor Lane, a 24-year-old from Santa Cruz, spent the summer with friend Ben Judkin plucking discarded butts from the sand and beach parking lots and pathways near his hometown, and then used the trash to create a surfboard that can actually be used in the water. The surfboard impressed this year’s judges who named it the winner of the third annual “Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest,” hosted by surfbrand Vissla and the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation.

Photography by: Hanna Yamamoto

Vissla founder Paul Naude is no stranger to promoting upcycling, with products such as boardshorts made from coconut husks. He said he started the contest as a way to get people to think creatively about sustainability.
“I started playing around with broken boards and turning them into something you can ride waves with,” he said. “Why don’t we do something that encourages people to find trash or something unusable, and use their imagination and creativity and upcycle it … take something and make it better.”
Photography by Matt Masin

“This is the most polluted item picked up on the beach,” Taylor Lane said. “And no one thinks twice that you can do anything with it.”
Judkins, who helped Lane film the creation of the board, said the project was a way to connect surfing with a statement.
“People see this board and they are visually drawn to it, it’s visually disgusting — but awesome in how gross it is,” he said. “It just ties together surfing and something we care about — the environment, the ocean, and the health of the ocean.”


Video from Ben Gravy

What's up NUB NATION!! Winter is coming & it's time to get your new suit for the coldest season going!! This is HOW TO SURF COLD WATER & SURVIVE. A guide to what to wear & how to use it while surfing in the freezing cold North East, New England & even the Great Lakes region. the entire Mid Atlantic & North East can get chilly & here's some tips on how to survive. Thanks!! - Love Ben

Photo: Scott Dickerson

RUST Starring Harry Bryant

Harry Bryant - “One of Stab’s great hopes for the future of surfing”.

"Rust" captures Rusty team-rider Harry Bryant's first experience rifling the Fijian reef pass, Cloudbreak.

The film includes footage of his catlike jumps down at Byron Bay and his local Thirroul, mongoose-speed barrels at freight train Cloudbreak as well as a dose of classic Harry humour.


Paradigm Lost

This is the 1080 HD version of the film. To purchase the 4K UHD version, please go to

Poor Boyz Productions presents a Kai Lenny & Johnny DeCesare film, PARADIGM LOST in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Filmed over three years, in six countries, it captures the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K.

What defines a surfer? Is it the art of wave riding or the equipment you ride? For Kai Lenny, the ocean is a playground and the only rule is to have fun.

In PARADIGM LOST, Kai shares incredible sessions with World Champions in BIG WAVE, PROGRESSIVE SURFING, KITE SURFING, WINDSURFING and SUP—and shows the endless possibilities that come with a wide open mind.

Kai also introduces the world’s best pro surfers to a new chapter in surfing with one of the most exciting developments in years – the SURF FOIL. Enjoy the ride!


Gone Tomorrow - France

Our world moves fast. It goes a million miles a minute, spinning at the speed of infinity and never slowing down. You’re here today — fully here, engaged — then you’re gone tomorrow. Onto the next one. A new coast to explore, the next swell to surf, another moment to fall in love with.

Gone Tomorrow celebrates that spirit of now.

The France edition features Mikey February, Connor O’Leary, Zeke Lau, Kanoa Igarashi, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jeremy Flores, Ramzi Boukhiam, Aritz Aranburu, Marc Lacomare, Kael Walsh, Sebastian Williams and Mikey Wright. Filmed over a two week beach break blur, it’s guaranteed to make you want to go surfing.


Starring Surfers (In order of appearance):
Mikey February - @mikeyfebruary
Connor O’Leary - @connoroleary
Marc Lacomare - @marclacomare
Ramzi Boukhiam - @ramziboukhiam
Aritz Aranburu - @aritz_aranburu
Wiggolly Dantas - @wiggolly
Zeke Lau - @zekelau
Sebastian Williams - @sebastianwilliams1
Leo Fioravanti - @lfioravanti
Kanoa Igarashi - @kanoaigarashi
Jeremy Flores - @floresjeremy
Kael Walsh - @kaelwalsh
Mikey Wright - @mikeywright1

Motion -
Jimmy Graham - @jimmy__graham
Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll
Dane Burnheim - @danebmesquid
Brent Bielmann - @brentbielmann
Jake Patterson - @snaketales

Edit -
Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll
Jimmy Graham - @jimmy__graham

Photography -
Peter Boskovich - @boskophoto
Ryan Heywood - @ryanheywood
Brent Bielmann - @brentbielmann

Music -
The Walking Who - Have you seen the colour
The Walking Who - Little Lady
The Walking Who - 167.3 Jesus Radio

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Perfect 10 on the tour 2017 #Wsl

Surfers: John John Florences - Corona Open J-Bay Filipe Toledo - Corona Open J-Bay Italo Ferreiras - Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Fili...


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