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The Rip Curl Search the best watch for surfers who want to track their surfing performance. The GPS tracking is second-to-none and all that raw data gets seamlessly processed by the Rip Curl app and rendered as beautifully detailed maps of your surfing prowess.

Most obviously created by surfers this watch provides exactly the kind of detail hardcore (and obsessive compulsive) surfers are going to love. It’s the Fitbit of surfing and looks to stay that way. The only thing missing is a heart rate monitor.

The Rip Curl Search GPS has a good battery life for a GPS device, with around 10 GPS-enabled surf hours possible on a single charge. This is largely thanks to the simple black and white display which uses minimal energy.

What can we say – it’s not pretty but it is damn well brilliant at what it does and makes an indispensable travel companion for surfers who don’t want to be sporting a flashy Nixon or anything that looks expensive.

The best features: The Rip Curl app, long battery life, rugged form, silicon band, 100m waterproof

Doesn’t have: Heart rate monitoring, smartwatch capabilities, colour display

Our verdict: Great choice for someone who wants to monitor their surfing performance.

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