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Allure. That’s what it is! When gold was discovered in California in the 1800s, it resulted in a population boom that saw tens of thousands of runaways, castaways, rebels and revolutionaries leave their old lives behind and trade them it in for something wild and unpredictable. By now, most of that gold’s been dug up. But the California allure — the promise of something new, that gravity that draws you towards its mountains and waves — remains just the same.


Andy Nieblas - @andynieblas
Noah Collins - @noahcollins
Zach Miller - @zakramiller
Mikey Wright - @mikeywright1
Todd Richards - @toddrichards
Kanoa Igarashi - @kanoaigarashi
Zeke Lau - @zekelau
Leonardo Fioravanti - @lfioravanti
Jesse Mendes - @jesse_mendes
Connor O’Leary - @connoroleary
Mikey February - @thevibesrgood
Koa Rothman - @koarothman
Kade Matson - @kadematson
Michael Dunphy - @michaeldunphy
Matty Passaquindici - @mattpassa_
Marco Mignot - @marco_mignot
Ramzi Boukhiam - @ramziboukhiam
Jeremy Flores - @jeremyflores
JoJo Roper - @jojoroper
Kael Walsh -@kaelwals
Rio Waida - @riowaida_
Freddy Patacchia - @freddyp808


Footage -
Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll
Jimmy Graham - @jimmy__graham
Austin Novy - @austinnovy_

Additional Footage -
Sean Benik
LA Tourism
Big Bear Resort
Jake Patterson
Marc Beaty
Erik Derman
Jensen Young Sik
Jordan Montgomery
Paulo Kid

Archive Footage -
Echo Beach Movie

Photography -
Ryan Heywood - @ryanheywood
Peter “Bosko” Boskovich - @boskophoto
Jimmy “Jimmicane” Wilson - @jimmicane

Archive Images -
Mike Moir - Echo Beach

Voice Over -
Todd Richards

Music -
The Tijuana Panthers - Above Your Means
The Mattson 2 - Longing The Leftist
The Mattson 2 - Pleasure Point
The Willowz - Never Let You Go
The Willowz - Lily
The Tijuana Panthers - Sunde
The Tijuana Panthers - One Way Ticket

Special Thanks -
Matt Biolos @ Lost Surfboards
Chris Miller
EJ @ Grizzly Records
Rich O’Neill @ Global Eagle Studios
Charles Adler

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