Josie Prendergast

I have been fortunate enough to be raised next to the ocean and have had the opportunity to come back and reconnect with the island and our family when I can. Last November, with my Billabong family I was able to explore, shoot, surf and go on adventures around my island home. There are no words that illustrate the love I have for my family and with that being said majority of them live in the Philippines.
It was incredibly special to me that Billabong were able to meet and share time with the people who mean so much to me. Reflecting on that special week, so many amazing memories were created and shared.
My love for this island and the incredible people will never fade, never die. Siargao makes my heart sing and fills it full of love. I cannot express how special this place is to me; it is otherworldly.
Josie Prendergast

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