Hurricane Irma New Jersey

September Song | Hurricane Irma New Jersey 9.8.17 from Etan Blatt
The extremely destructive Hurricane Irma has caused immense amounts of heartbreak and frustration throughout the Caribbean and the state of Florida. At the same time surfers in the north east who are no strangers to the heartbreak caused by devastating storms, could not help but rejoice and enjoy the one gift that Irma delivered, waves. Enjoy these water images from a memorable day of solid surf in New Jersey September 8th, 2017 where chaos met tranquility.

Please head to to help the victims of Hurricane Irma by donating to the Hurricane Irma Relief Innitiative!

Featured Surfers:
Clay Pollioni, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Brendan Tighe, Tommy Ihnken, and Vic Alarcon

Filmed and Edited by: Etan Blatt
Music: September Song - Agnes Obel

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