Who wins the WSL 2017 Men's Championship Tour?

Who wins the WSL 2017 Men's Championship Tour?

The game is on! WSL championship tour 2017, tell us who can win the WSL Men's Championship Tour

Who wins the WSL 2017 Men's Championship Tour?
Jordy Smith
John John Florence
Julian Wilson
Matt Wilkinson
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Mikey O'Shaughnessy | Something Better

The stigma around seeking help for depression and mental health issues is deep and old.

Reaching out for help can be hard, especially when it's not a topic that is discussed openly in society. Sometimes we feel down and depressed, and it's important to remember that these feelings that are human, natural and ok.

If you have that one great friend that you can rely and count on, this person can help.

Step into the shoes of one of the North Shore's staple surfers, Mikey O'Shaughnessy as he offers positivity in the wake of losing someone very dear to him, which impacted the surfing community as a whole.

300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It is something that affects everyone at some point in their life, whether it be personal or through the experiences of a loved one. Mikey shows us first hand, through his surfing, that life is worth living.

Featuring: Mikey O'Shaughnessy
Film and Edit: Cliff Kapono and Sean Santiago


Surf World Series


Grab your board and take on legendary waves in Surf World Series.

The arcade surfing game that brings you to 5 of the world’s most infamous surfing destinations, including Bell’s Beach (Australia), Waimea Bay (Hawaii), Supertubos (Portugal), Cacimba do Padre (Brazil), and Jeffreys Bay (South Africa).

Enjoy afternoon, evening, night, and bad weather variations with different waves and visual aesthetics. Perform surfing’s most intense tricks, including the Superman and Sushi Roll, against 15 different surfers.

Design your own signature surfer with 6 playable characters and thousands of customizations to have the freedom to design your own unique slick style. Compete in 3 multiplayer online modes: Big Heat Battle, Championship and Survival.

Available for XBOX ONE and PS4 know more at Surf World Series

Legends speak the same language

John John and Kelly... two of the best transcending ideas over the generational gap... killer rad!


Take Every Wave: Laird Hamilton in VR 360º

Take Every Wave: Laird in VR from RYOT

Laird Hamilton's life is unlike many others in that his pursuit of excellent physical condition and forward-thinking wave-riding is still thriving at the age of 53. Enter what's regarded as the longest wave in the world: Chicama, Peru. Join Laird and friends as they chase perfection in the form of 8-10 foot waves stretching over a mile, where rides up to 6 minutes become normal atop the innovative hydrofoil surfboard design. In Take Every Wave: Laird in VR, Laird takes you on a journey in virtual reality that's as beautiful as it is poetic. The reminder here being that even after all these years, this legendary waterman is still finding novel ways to experience the ocean while breaking boundaries with the newest technology.

Special Thanks

Technology Partner:
Radiant Images

Chicama Surf Resort:
Miguel Vegas Van Oordt

Torus Media Labs:
Aden Bahadori

Mark Simpson
Dirk Wallace

The beautiful town and people of Chicama, Peru.

Laird Hamilton


New Deus Collection

Deus ex Machina clothing is a temple of enthusiasm for nostalgic dudes who refuse to accept that the
dog-days are over. This custom motorcycle building, surfboards shaping company didn’t start making
shirts just to make make money, people demanded they share a little piece of the culture of creativity that
they established in Australia.

Shop Online Here


Introducing the Vans UltraRange | Surf | VANS

Introducing the Vans UltraRange, a new footwear innovation designed to get you there. Follow pro surfers Pat Gudauskas as he travels through Puerto Rico in the UltraRange, ready to conquer new cities, new spots and new unknowns.

Vans Top Athletes: Anthony Van Engelen, Geoff Rowley, Kyle Walker, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crockett, Tony Trujillo, Joel Tudor, Leila Hurst, Nathan Fletcher, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Patrick Gudauskas, Dakota Roche, Scotty Cranmer, Jeff Grosso, Elijah Berle, Matthias Dandois, Tony Alva, Daan Van Der Linden, Jason Dill, Lizzie Armanto, Curren Caples, Bruno Hoffman.


Leonardo Fioravanti - Galicia Sessions

Downtime, turnt up. Leonardo Fioravanti recently hit Galicia in the northwest of Spain for the WQS event at Pantin. Wondering how he passed the time in between heats? Just press play. With a cameo by fellow Quik rider Ramzi Boukhiam, it'll psyche you up to surf - no matter what the waves look like. Starring: Leonardo Fioravanti (@lfioravanti) Ramzi Boukhiam (@ramziboukhiam) Music: World of Flowers - Sayem Film & Edit: Andy Benetrix (@andybenetrixproduction)


THE SHAPING ROOM - Chaz Kinoshita

THE SHAPING ROOM - Chaz Kinoshita from Nick Ricca

Some people find solace in the sea. Others, out on the open road. Some people live behind the lens. Others just like to make music in friends' garages. For those who create, we all have such a place, a home away from home. For Chaz Kinoshita, it's the shaping room.

Featuring Chaz and Matt Kinoshita.

Music: Seek and Destroy by Agent Orange


Josie Prendergast

I have been fortunate enough to be raised next to the ocean and have had the opportunity to come back and reconnect with the island and our family when I can. Last November, with my Billabong family I was able to explore, shoot, surf and go on adventures around my island home. There are no words that illustrate the love I have for my family and with that being said majority of them live in the Philippines.
It was incredibly special to me that Billabong were able to meet and share time with the people who mean so much to me. Reflecting on that special week, so many amazing memories were created and shared.
My love for this island and the incredible people will never fade, never die. Siargao makes my heart sing and fills it full of love. I cannot express how special this place is to me; it is otherworldly.
Josie Prendergast


snapt3 mho preloaded

snapt3 mho preloaded from rory @ digital good times

clips put together from trips for snapt3. stay tuned for snapt3 reloaded premiere tour dates.

SNAPT3 Premiere Tour Schedule

Sept 27 .Uluwatu Bali @ Single Fin
Oct 13. Santa Barbara @ Channel Islands
Oct 20 San Francisco @ Proof lab
Oct 21 Costa Mesa @ RVCA HQ
Oct 27 San Diego @ La Paloma Theatre
Nov 3 Honolulu @ The Republik
Nov 10 Jaco CR @ South Beach Hotel
Nov 11 Jacksonville , Florida @Surfer Bar
Nov 12 Melbourne Florida @Catalyst Surf


Coco Ho freesurfing Lakey Peak in Indonesia

For 10 days, she’s free. She is free to surf without judging eyes. She's free to feel, to play in mama ocean like she once did as a grom with her older brother Mason.

Escaping to sneak a surf break at Lakey Peak in Sumbawa, Indonesia. A place where i'’s all waves and no service. It's time to heal, to strengthen, to remember what it is to love surfing and what put you on your first wave.

Coco Ho surfs all year for one goal to win, every heat, every event – she ultimately wants to bring home World Championship Title.

After nine years she's still got that fire...

Watch her hit the back half of this year's tour and into 2018, there's no other surfer in the world like this one.


Lucid Waves

Lilly Von Treuenfels is the German surf scene’s most wanted shooting star. She was born in South Africa on September 26th in 1999. 

She discovered her passion for surfing during family holidays in Barbados in 2010. Back in Germany, she missed being on the board so much that she decided to move to Lanzarote. She now lives, surfs and goes to school on the Spanish island. 

Lilly works in France as a surf coach during her holidays to train Europe’s surf youngsters and to prepare herself for upcoming surf competitions.

Follow Lilly on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo: Marc Metzler 


Boat is almost sucked by hole

This happen in Brazil.

There is a dam that drains the water when the dam floods and two city officials connected this dam to empty the dam and the two men of the video entered the pond to rescue the fish that was being sucked in by the whirlwind that formed there that in the beginning was weak but later became stronger and pulled the boat towards him but the two men managed to balance the weight and thus avoiding that the boat was sucked with them in. thank God it was just a fright.


Hurricane Irma New Jersey

September Song | Hurricane Irma New Jersey 9.8.17 from Etan Blatt
The extremely destructive Hurricane Irma has caused immense amounts of heartbreak and frustration throughout the Caribbean and the state of Florida. At the same time surfers in the north east who are no strangers to the heartbreak caused by devastating storms, could not help but rejoice and enjoy the one gift that Irma delivered, waves. Enjoy these water images from a memorable day of solid surf in New Jersey September 8th, 2017 where chaos met tranquility.

Please head to to help the victims of Hurricane Irma by donating to the Hurricane Irma Relief Innitiative!

Featured Surfers:
Clay Pollioni, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Brendan Tighe, Tommy Ihnken, and Vic Alarcon

Filmed and Edited by: Etan Blatt
Music: September Song - Agnes Obel




An experimental piece between our Portuguese pal Eurico Romaguera and filmer Miguel Caiado.

In the words of William Dali, heteronym.....

"Theatre vs Surf. Accomodation of desire. Life has to be sensational, rich and unquestionable.
 Art of appreciating and developing the most exquisite pleasures of life"

Music:Roy Budd - Get Carter ,Piero Piccioni - charms


Irish Dreams

Irish Dreams from Pedro Santos Ribeiro

Why joining a bodyboarder ( Daniel Fonseca) and a surfer ( Lourenço Katzstein ) is always so hard ? I think we all know why... But this two have a common taste for slabs, heavy and mutant waves. It was really easy choose the destination knowing this - Ireland. They saw a good swell coming to Ireland and decided to go. Searching for perfect waves on really cold water.
Why can dreams be in freezing water ?

Video by Pedro Santos Ribeiro
Intro voice by James Moran
Design by Carlos Santos

Also thanks to
Kenny's Bar

and the Local Crew
Tom Gillespie
Gearoid McDaid
Ollie O'Flaherty
Andrew Kilfeather


Guess. Who's. Back.

Video from Red Bull

It’s summertime on the North Shore of Oahu and there’s no waves, sounds like it’s time for a road trip! The first episode of season six has the guys chasing swells across the globe on a trip of a lifetime. But since Poopies has been gone for months.

Hit the link in This is J.O.B.  for more of the mayhem.



Be Limitless

Telia: Be Limitless – Bruno from hjaltelinstahl

He was a talented surfer and active adventurer, when his life was derailed by a horrific car accident that cost him the use of his precious legs.

26 years old, and paralyzed from the waist down, Bruno Hansen hit rock bottom. After five years, imprisoned in his own body, he finally decided to take his own life by drowning.

Thankfully, a chance encounter made him rediscover his love for the ocean. Today, he's a two time adaptive surfing world champion, chasing his third title.


Radical Times Southern California

Radical Times SoCal -
Your Boardrider’s Guide to a great slice of the Golden State.

Allure. That’s what it is! When gold was discovered in California in the 1800s, it resulted in a population boom that saw tens of thousands of runaways, castaways, rebels and revolutionaries leave their old lives behind and trade them it in for something wild and unpredictable. By now, most of that gold’s been dug up. But the California allure — the promise of something new, that gravity that draws you towards its mountains and waves — remains just the same.


Andy Nieblas - @andynieblas
Noah Collins - @noahcollins
Zach Miller - @zakramiller
Mikey Wright - @mikeywright1
Todd Richards - @toddrichards
Kanoa Igarashi - @kanoaigarashi
Zeke Lau - @zekelau
Leonardo Fioravanti - @lfioravanti
Jesse Mendes - @jesse_mendes
Connor O’Leary - @connoroleary
Mikey February - @thevibesrgood
Koa Rothman - @koarothman
Kade Matson - @kadematson
Michael Dunphy - @michaeldunphy
Matty Passaquindici - @mattpassa_
Marco Mignot - @marco_mignot
Ramzi Boukhiam - @ramziboukhiam
Jeremy Flores - @jeremyflores
JoJo Roper - @jojoroper
Kael Walsh -@kaelwals
Rio Waida - @riowaida_
Freddy Patacchia - @freddyp808


Footage -
Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll
Jimmy Graham - @jimmy__graham
Austin Novy - @austinnovy_

Additional Footage -
Sean Benik
LA Tourism
Big Bear Resort
Jake Patterson
Marc Beaty
Erik Derman
Jensen Young Sik
Jordan Montgomery
Paulo Kid

Archive Footage -
Echo Beach Movie

Photography -
Ryan Heywood - @ryanheywood
Peter “Bosko” Boskovich - @boskophoto
Jimmy “Jimmicane” Wilson - @jimmicane

Archive Images -
Mike Moir - Echo Beach

Voice Over -
Todd Richards

Music -
The Tijuana Panthers - Above Your Means
The Mattson 2 - Longing The Leftist
The Mattson 2 - Pleasure Point
The Willowz - Never Let You Go
The Willowz - Lily
The Tijuana Panthers - Sunde
The Tijuana Panthers - One Way Ticket

Special Thanks -
Matt Biolos @ Lost Surfboards
Chris Miller
EJ @ Grizzly Records
Rich O’Neill @ Global Eagle Studios
Charles Adler

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Perfect 10 on the tour 2017 #Wsl

Surfers: John John Florences - Corona Open J-Bay Filipe Toledo - Corona Open J-Bay Italo Ferreiras - Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Fili...


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