'MAD SYMMETRY' is the result of our annual artist collaboration with Monster Children. This year we teamed up with US based artist MadSteez to provide three unique artwork designs for the project. Tom Carroll and Oscar Langburne are the featured surfers and the film is shot on location in the North Island of New Zealand.

The film is comprised of three sections, divided up with the different board artworks.
Part 1: WEENafrican // The Turtle Twin Model
Part 2: WEENvase // The Lucid Eye Model
Part 3: WEENrose // The Six Feet Model

Cinematography/Direction/Edit: Max Stewart
Water Cinematography: Max Zappas
Edit/Colour: Rodrigo Torres
Stills Photography: Alex Brunton, Chris Grundy
Visual Artist: MadSteez
Special Thanks: Tom Carroll, Oscar Langburne, Gavin Langburne, Tamara Langburne, JC, Matisse Ruby

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