A Small Big Window

A Small Big Window from Young Shoot

Francisco Porcella.......Brother you did it biggest Wave of the year!!!!!!
.......a litten insight behind the scenes and Francisos wave and many more from a not seen angle yet.

Thanks a lot to Axi Muniain for taken me on that trip, so stoked for you guys!

The day was narly as hell with lot of wind blowing out the big open Line-Up. In the beginning it looked like no wave at all would be ridden that day but you guys still digged deep and got rewarded. Theire were even some waves ridden so far out of the back it was insane! I think no one surfed their before at all.

Riders: Axi Muniain, Francisco Porcella, Rafael Tapia, Ross Clarke-Jones, Sebastian Steudtner
             and Pato Teixeira.

Big thanks also to Javier Sobrado for sharing your drone-footage with us!
For more awasome videos hit his Vimeo-page Antartik Studios

Additional Footage (2-Shots up from the Lighthouse) Javier Goya
Music: Opus 7 (Original Mix) - Paji

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