Salish Sea - A Legacy Moment

Salish Sea - A Legacy Moment from Sea Legacy

Please Protect This Special Place!!!

Every 10 years, there is an invitation to nominate Canadian places of natural and cultural significance to be designated as a World Heritage Site. Now is that time. Support the campaign to ensure that the Salish Sea is celebrated and acknowledged for all that it is on an international stage.

a project by SeaLegacy
in association with Salish Sea Trust

a Filter Studios production

Produced by Jesse Bone
Directed by Tash Baycroft
Associate Producer Kait Burgan
Edited by Tash Baycroft

Wildlife Cinematography by Paul Nicklen

Additional Cinematography by
Jesse Bone
Tash Baycroft
Cristina Mittermeier

Original Score by Oliver Michael
Audio Post Production by Keith White Audio

Additional Footage Provided by
Tavish Campbell
Wade Pringle

Title Design by Patrick Belanger

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