Vincent Kardasik Cinematography Reel 4K

Vincent Kardasik Cinematography Reel 4K from Vincent Kardasik

Shot on Red Epic MX, Dragon, Weapon and Helium from 4K to 8K.

Talents in order of appearance:
Ryan Keen
Laetitia Galina
Katia Moochooran
Zoe Cross
Kael Walsh
Kelia Moniz
Shane Dorian
Anthony Boudard
Monyca Eleogram
Leo Labadens
Bruna Schmitz
Rosy Hodge
Torah Bright
Matt Hoy
Stephanie Gilmore
Jamie Mitchell

Ember by Ryan Keen

Shot on location in France, Ireland, Mauritius, Tahiti, Brazil, Maldives, Spain, Australia and USA.

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