Iṇaippu - Trailer

Iṇaippu - Trailer from Loic Wirth
This is the trailer for Iṇaippu, an independent film I've been filming for the past few years.

Inaippu (இணைப்பு) breaths for reconnection. As much as we believe we can go far away from nature, the ever so simple things in life will always bring our hearts back to where we're really from, if we're open to it.

I believe surfing can work as a bridge for that reconnection....A group of surfers/friends who share those same feelings joined into travels to discover new waves and try to translate those ideas into film. Those surfers are:

Alex Chacon
Yago Dora
Ricardo dos Santos
Marco Giorgi
Jean da Silva
Fernando Fanta
Junior Faria
Bruno Santos
Gabriel Medina
Cristian & Gabriel Muller
& Peter Devries

Directed by Loïc Wirth
Filmed by: Loïc Wirth
Birdy Pilot: Vernon Deck
Additional shot (1:29 to 1:32): Caio Faria
Edited and Written by Loïc Wirth
Final quote from chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhu

Soundtrack, in order of appearence:

Boy 1904, by Jónsi & Alex, from the Album Riceboy Sleeps
Varúð, by Sigur Rós, from the album Valtari
Hengilás, by Jónsi, from the album Go

Soundtrack courtesy of Warner Music Brasil Ltda., uma empresa Warner Music Group & Universal Music Publishing / MGB Brasil

Thank you, sincerely

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