On January 2 at noon I had a fatal fall in Mundaka!

Here’s his account of the incident, translated from his Instagram:

I can only start this post thanking everyone who has accompanied me in these days so hard that I have to live my and mine. Especially Lander and Iñigo who saved my life at the Mundaka bar. I will be eternally grateful.
On January 2 at noon I had a fatal fall in Mundaka. I fell headlong into the background and at the moment I lost consciousness. The only moment I can remember was under the water, wanting to reach the surface, but my hands and my legs were not taking orders.

Then I thought I'd never go out.

I do not remember anything else. Then I learned that Gaizka and Iñigo got me on the board and I was removed from the impact zone. I lost sight of it.
My friends ❤ @ natxogonzalez1 @nando_arostegi @eukenimasa and @aletxugironi got me out of the water and after hours of agony I arrived at Cruces hospital.
I was told that I had broken my neck, with a broken-shifted cervical and a broken back.
Miraculously the spinal cord was not damaged, so I can give thanks for being able to feel and move my body, legs and arms.
I have the feeling of being born again twice in one day, and my thanks go to all those who have accompanied me, those who rescued me, doctors, you who have encouraged me,
At random that he has wanted it and life, especially life.
Thank you very much again and now, more than ever, and really, enjoy life, eat it that is yours.
I have surgery on Wednesday.

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