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Coast Guard takes on giant surf in epic training session

Between Heats - Jayce Robinson

Between Heats - Jayce Robinson from Anthony Butler
Huge thanks to Willy Mason for letting us use the track 'Talk Me Down' -
Film and Edit - Mr B Productions -
Additional footage (land) - Olly Fawcett and Sharpy
UK Pro Surf competition footage - Mr B / UK Pro Surf Tour Commentary by Lee Bartlett
Vimeo Image by Toby Butler

The Thurso Surf Festival 2016 saw big swells and changing winds for days resulting in a pretty epic event with pumping waves at Thurso and Sandside. Despite making the final, Jayce Robinson still found time to search the north coast of Scotlands incredible setup. So with an abundance of swell, favourable winds, and perfect, heavy, slabbing reefs round every corner, here’s what happened Between Heats…

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