Telo Menta Uber Jam - Episode 1

Telo Menta Uber Jam - Episode 1 | Volcom Surf from: Volcom
While ubering in the Mentawais, some dudes from the Volcom Surf Team got together for a trip of a lifetime, scoring perfect waves and incredible footage. Take a peek and see what happens when you jam a bunch of rowdy characters together on a boat trip for two weeks while scoring perfect waves along the way.

-Courtesy of Burger Records-
"Something Rotten" by Andy Human
"Thieving Ghost" by Andy Human
"Break Your Face" by Andy Human
"Ice Cream" by Andy Human

Yago Dora, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Pat Schmidt, Charly Quivront, Ryan Burch

Nate Leal, Scott Stinnett, Tom Carey, Luke Foregay

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