Norwell9’s SECOND Surfing Instagram Movie!

@Norwell9's SECOND Surfing Instagram Movie! from: Norwell9
I just hit record, the real stars are those in the water and on the beach! Starring Gabriel Medina,
Dave Schauber, Bobby Martinez, Shane Boreland, Yadin Nicol, Asher Pacey, Chucky Rigano,
Chad Eastman, Cory Arrambide, Timmy Curran, Pat Curren, Frank Curren, Nick Rosza, Carlos Reyes, Andrew Jacobson, Jess Leedy, Dane Reynolds, Britt Merrick, Eithan Osborne, Finn Reyes, Joe Rickabaugh, Robert Weiner, Kelly Slater, Grant Gallegos, Micky Clarke, Bobby DoRight, Trevor Gordon, Travis Adler, Jeff Belzer, Jesey Simon, Josiah Amico, Josh Kerr, Kellen Ellison, Liam Osborne, Chad Compton, Dane Gudauskas, Sean Hayes, Tanner Gudauskas, Mike McCabe, Matt McCabe, Rylan Swift, Chase Stavron, Carey Silverman, Noah Erickson, Parker Coffin, Matt King, Paul Pantelas, Peter Mel, Quinn Herrera, Evan Caples, Kilian Garland, Meg Wantz, Chris Jameson, Scooby, Sam Foster, Ned, Aaron Ernst, Quinten Rubalcava, Tristen Simon, Tyler Morris, Bernard Conlin, Charlie Fawcett.

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