Lost In Papua

Lost In Papua from Marc Chambers

We understand that this video should be seen by all!
From almost missing flights, to malaria dodging. Josh moniz and Leo fioravanti embark on a surf mission to Papua New Guinea with only the fear of the unknown. With PNG being one of the most rural third world countries on the planet, the mission for untouched waves were never more relevant. Papua new guinea is a rich place of simple cultural inhabitants, where many whom occupy the small islands and atolls have never seen a surfboard nor a surfer before. In one of the most memorable installments, this video closes with a life changing experience for the both of them. Teaching a small village of children hugging the coastline of a punchy beach break how to surf. Nothing better to find on a surf trip than a gift of surfing that brought smiles and memories, to not only the kids of New guinea, but to everyone involved in this trip.

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