Fire and Water Official Trailer from: Thomas Brookins

For centuries, firefighters have acted as society's heroes. For one NY Firefighter Don "Gums" Eichin, water has not only acted as his weapon of safety, but also a source of recreation. In New York, a strong community of surfers dwell underneath the ashes and uniforms. These warriors have risen above sea-level to conquer fire as well as dominating water as life long watermen. The only element stronger than their honor and skill is the bond of their brotherhood. Much of the rare footage used in this award winning movie has never been released publically. It had been burried in a NY basement for 50 years. It will surely excite historians from NY to Hawaii and pays homage to firefighters everywhere. With some of the biggest names in surfing history paying homage to the brave men and women of the Fire Department. 

Fire and Water will ignite your heart.

Fred Patacchia pays homage to the brave men and women 

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