THE SET MENU from: Darcy Ward

Passion is what makes a good short. And that’s what the nearly 12 minutes that sit before you was fueled by. “I can’t stand to see a clip with 25 air revs all shot from the same angle,” the star of this film, Luke Hynd, tells Stab. “To make a good web clip”–since feature length surf film’s are slowly withering away into near-obsolete is the norm–“You have to be passionate about what you’re doing. Without that, you won’t create something you’re truly happy with.”
And with the internet being the go-to platform for surf films, we asked Luke what’s the best part about sending a film to the online masses, “The best part is people telling you they really enjoyed it. At our premiere, a few people asked where and when they could buy it so that they could watch it again. That makes it worth it to me. The worst part is putting yourself out there and at the mercy of being judged and ridiculed. Although, I do get a kick out of what people have to say.” But nobody would do any ridiculing on this here site. Not here.
So, take the next dozen off and dive into Luke’s aptitude above fibreglass and fins filmed and edited by Darcy Ward. It’s a proper time killer if you’re looking to kill some time.

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