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Seal surprises Surfers

Seal surprises Surfers in Brittany - Quiberon 24 Television from. QUIBERON 24 Television
A cool video has emerged of a seal playing with surfers in Plouharnel, Brittany, France. While these surfers were catching some waves, this seal pops out of the water and surprises everyone
The footage, captured by Yves Courtel - La Clef de la Presqu'ile - using a camera mounted on his surf board, shows the small seal, nicknamed ‘You’, repeatedly approaching him and swimming over his board.
"He played with us for the whole morning. He would climb on my board, ask for strokes and push me over. It was a beautiful encounter and a magical moment" Romain Monier wrote online.
http://quiberon24television.com Report HD Creperie de la Presqu'ile - Quiberon24 Television - September 8, 2016

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