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Frederico Morais | Post-Classic

Frederico Morais | Post-Classic from Frederico Morais
"If you intend to represent some kind of modernity, you should start through the classics."

History knowledge told us that every substantial expression of modernity, results from a skillful understanding of the classical principles. It´s been like that in music, dancing, fine arts, literature…
It´s been like that every time a Man uses their capacity to perform some kind of self expression and interpretation of nature and reality.
It seems that´s what surf is all about…

A film by Dinis&Gustavo
Filmed and Directed by Gustavo Imigrante;
Color graded by Dinis Sottomayor;
Water Cinematography by Gastão Entrudo;
Additional Footage by Carlos Pinto, Jack Taylor, Diogo Evaristo, Dave Fox
Still Photography by Carlos Pinto
Music by Savanna “Gods We Are”, Dreams to be Awake. 2015
Supported by Billabong, Monster Energy, Moche, Ericeira SurfShop, VonZipper;

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