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Surfing Private Island - Indonesia

Surfing Private Island - Indonesia from Barakaik
No effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.
― Helen Keller

Surfing Private Island is a short fun video about local kids in Mentawai who found their happiness by taking a stroll through wild jungle. They have a mission to search some good-good wave, by any means necessary. Broken boards and various obstacles is not a problem for them. Enjoy the surf and have a good time.

Our Little Team:
Written & Director : Ligno Vivaldo
Dop : Freddy Andhika, Ligno Vivaldo
Producer : Harris Smile, Freddy Andhika, Ligno Vivaldo

Super thanks to all good friend behind this project:
Harris Smile, Hatsumi, Yogi (Rimbun Coffee), Rival, Jodi, Imam, Ezra, Albert, Dani, and Batong (for the great video tools).

We are really open for sponsor to do another non-profit project. Lets make some fun stuff together.


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