Indonesian surfer girls

Video from  Danulis Off To Somewhere:
3 Indonesian girls from Sumatra and Sumbawa surfing some rad waves in South Bali. It's rare to see local girls surfing in patriarchal Indonesia. Why? Stereotypical Indonesian woman is supposed to stand by pots and be a good wife.
It's very unusual for Indonesian girls to follow their dream especially when this dream is to be a surfer girl.
MAKARA wear supporting local community and these 3 girl's dreams to surf and feel confident during their water sessions. MAKARA wear swimsuits can give you more confident: makes you feel special and comfortable in the ocean.
Surfers: Dewi Pricill, Luisa Lisa Turnip, Morina Turnip
Swimsuits: Makara wear Long Sleeve Polaroid, Long Sleeve Cosmic and Long Sleeve Chromis.
Captured by: Danulis Danas Danulis Macijauskas
Spot: Balangan
Shot on land with Sony A7rII, underwater - Sony RX100IV

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