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Boardmasters 2016

Since 1981 Boardmasters has been an integral part of the British surf scene. From humble beginnings as a small surf competition, we are now proud to present one of the biggest events on the professional British surfing calendar; not to mention the music festival. Join us in the lazy summer sun and celebrate the surfing lifestyle! Ditch your shoes and wander onto the sand to watch some of the most stylish pro surfers and local Groms competing for the Boardmasters crown. We've got four categories of surf comps...
300 miles of coastline wraps Cornwall offering the spectacular beaches and pounding surf providing our natural playground. You can get in the water at any point during the Boardmasters week; there are plenty of peaks along the length of Fistral and Watergate Bay... it's the best thing you'll ever do! Whether you have lugged your land locked board back down to the beautiful cornish coastline for the first time in years, want to lose your surfing virginity or just in need of some surf hire, this is the place to be.

B o a r d m a s t e r s


More information here: #Boardmasters 

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