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 I’m Jarryn Dower, a 24 year old artist from Ocean Grove, Australia, who turns old surfboards that have served their purpose as equipment into works of art suitable for wall mounts or display.

Having grown up around the Bellarine and Surf Coast, the beach and surf culture has had a large influence on my interests and lifestyle, which I’ve now translated into art. I first began this style of artwork early 2014 as a hobby between University assignments.

I’ve always liked to be creative and unique with my art, so using surfboards were the perfect canvas to express myself. Every board has a story to tell of its past life through the decals, dings and fade marks. It’s great to be able to combine all of that character with its new life as a piece of artwork.

A lot of work goes into each board, from the early stages of preparing the surface for drawing on, conceptualizing the design, and creating the artwork. Depending on the design and medium, the board art will usually take anywhere from 40 - 70 hours each, spanning 2 - 6 weeks.

I mostly use a stippling technique with Posca Pens, creating an image out of hundreds of thousands of dots. The process is very time consuming, requiring a lot of patience, however the end result is quite unique and extremely detailed!

 Bells Beach
Sun's Out Buns Out
Shark Bite
Captain Shredbeard
Kelly Slater

For inquiries on artwork, or if you are interested in a commission, feel free to contact me here via message, or email at

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