River Bore - Party Wave

Video from Billabong
Imagine riding a mile long wave with all of your friends. Billabong went to a small town near Bordeaux and did just that. While on location in Europe, the Billabong team just so happened to be right by a natural wonder that only occurs once in a blue moon, a River Bore. For this wave to break it takes an extreme incoming tide.

When the team heard about it they were frothing, and everyone made the trip to the wine-rich and river wave-rich town. Upon arrival there was a crazy scene of wild personalities ready to ride the river bore on anything that would float. The particular spot that they arrived at on the river was known for producing rides over a mile long. The team lucked out in one instance and everyone from Occy to Rasta, Creed to Dorian and Jack Freestone to Caleb Tancred rode the wave in unison for a party wave of epic proportions.

This River Bore was the perfect setting for the ultimate party wave, proving once again that Life’s Better in Boardshorts.

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