Three surfers detained in Bradenton Beach 5-6-2016

Three surfers were detained after they ignored repeated efforts by law enforcement to move from water in a construction zone where a partially submerged fence posed a danger.
Construction is still ongoing on three groins on Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach and with sea turtle nesting season now underway, the crew erected a chain-link fence in the water to keep turtles from coming ashore in the work area.
"Some are visible and some aren't," said Bradenton Beach Lt. John Cosby of the fencing. "We had a pretty decent surf yesterday."
Cosby said officers understand surfers don't get many opportunities to surf on this coast, but it was a matter of safety. Construction work was forced to stop for about an hour, he said.
"The workers told them to leave and the majority did," Cosby said.
Three surfers ignored the requests, however. Marine Rescue was called and asked
them to leave as well, but they, too, were ignored.
A Bradenton Beach police officer walked out onto one of the groins in an attempt to flag the surfers in, but was also ignored.
The Manatee County Sheriff's Office marine rescue boat came out and told them to come in, but it also fell on deaf ears.
"They surfed away from us," Cosby said. "So we drove over to where they were."
That's when Cosby said the three surfers were detained. Once they explained the problem to the three surfers they understood, Cosby said.
"We told them they were more than welcome to surf to the north," Cosby said.

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