The Last Flight To Agadir

Harrison Roach in Morocco from surfstitch.
Under the unforgiving cliff faces lay peeling after another. Unridden walls, pushed and thrown by a howling offshore and shadowed by a dry desert landscape. Created by powerful, Atlantic ocean ground swells these walls track towards land, becoming intense and perfect by the time they reach the western coastline.

The Last Flight to Agadir is a SurfStitch x Deus short film, directed and shot by Andrew Gough featuring surfer Harrison Roach chasing a far fetched but much dreamt about swell in Northern Africa.

Cinematography & Edit - Andrew Gough
Colourist - Mark Desiatov
Soundtrack - Wish Someone Would Care by Irma Thomas
Narration - Boilers Ahmed
Presented by - SurfStitch & Deus Ex Machina

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