Shark Attack on surfer south of Mandurah Western Australia 31 May 2016

Video from News24

The attack happened at a surf break close to Panamuna Drive in the Mandurah suburb of Falcon this afternoon.

The 29-year-old man was taken to Peel Health Campus where he is in a serious condition.

A hospital spokeswoman said medical staff were working to stabilise him.

Mandurah Mail reporter Nathan Hondros said it was a desperate scene when he arrived at the beach not long after the attack.

"The gentleman was on the beach by the time we got down here," he said.

"Ambulance crews were trying to resuscitate him by the looks of it. RAC rescue chopper came in yeah, so it was just quite desperate and heart wrenching scenes.

"He had lost a leg from what looked like above the knee, so it was quite a savage attack by the looks of it."

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