Mission Papoa

Mission Papoa by BRO
The unknown has always attracted adventurers ... deep in the middle of winter arrived in Portugal one of the biggest storms ever seen, Hercules. 
Giant waves devastated the Portuguese coast ... 
But what was an inconvenience for some, for others it was a real adventure to overcome. 
This was another step in the conquest of the giant waves in Portugal and the revelation of the potential of peak Papoa in Peniche.

Special thanks to this big team
Jet Resgaste
Peniche`Mayor Tozé Correia
Pedro Pulido Valente
All local people
António Silva
Ramon Laureano
Sérgio Cosme
Joana Andrade
Eric Rebiere
Everaldo Pato
David Langer
Sebastien Steudtner
Film Crew:
Director - Mário and Pedro Patrocínio
2nd Unit Camera - João Monge and Ricardo Damásio
Sound Recorder - Edu Pimentel and Jorge Freire
Editor - Ricardo Damásio
Colorista - Nuno Garcia
Sound Mix - Gonçalo Verdasca
Soundtrack - Martin Limbo
Executive Producer - Mário Patrocinio
Design Gráfico - Goma

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