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Dolphin catch waves with surfers

A surfer got quite the surprise on Saturday when three dolphins decided to drop in on his wave and frolic in the water.

The surfer was enjoying a riding out a metre wave at Yallingup beach, three hours south of Perth, when he spotted the three finned animals jump leap through the surf and join him, according to Perth Now.

Unsure if the fins were from dolphins or sharks, the surfer hung back and watched on as they continued to glide through the water.When he realised they were a family of dolphins, he continued to join them on the wave and watched on. Photographer and surfer Jamie Havlin was at the beach on a day trip with a friend when he spotted the moment and grabbed his camera to record them, according to Perth Now.

'I heard people calling 'dolphins, dolphins, dolphins',' he said as he zoomed in on them and the unidentified surfer. Dolphins are a common feature in southwest Australia but Mr Havlin said it is unusual for surfers to get so close to the friendly animals.

Just last week professional surfer Soli Bailey was stunned when a dolphin snaked his wave, cutting him off while surfing off the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

'Luckily I grew up in crowded surf, dodging him wasn't much different to dodging someone's head,' Mr Bailey told Daily Mail Australia.

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