The dramatic rescue of a female surfer

Lifeguards filmed rescuing surfer stuck in notorious swell off Sydney's Bronte Beach

Witnesses described the terrifying moment the surfer was washed off her board and towards the unforgiving rocks known as "The Twins". 

The surfer was stuck in swell too powerful to escape on Thursday that pushed her dangerously close to the cliffs.
A surfer was caught in a notoriously dangerous spot at Bronte beach in Sydney's east on Friday

Bronte lifeguard Harrison Reid headed out along the rock ledge, braving the waves to reach the stricken surfer with a rescue tube.
From the shore, witness Cora Bezemer recorded the rescue from the dangerous part of the beach she knows too well.
"I've seen it before where people have got scratched up on the rocks and cut to pieces," she told 7 News.

Source: Seven News

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